SILKEN PEARL Balancing Primer Powder

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Silken Pearl Primer Powder takes the moisture-balancing properties of silk powder combined with pearl powder and allantoin. The result? A primer powder perfectly suited for those who need to bring their skin "into balance". Whether your skin is too oily, too dry, too sensitive or simply aging... Silken Pearl Primer Powder, applied in a thin layer prior to your mineral foundation, will provide you with a strong foundation.

Silken Pearl Primer Powder is available in the original shade, as well as a neutral tinted formula. Less is more... apply too much can create a chalky appearance.

Beneficial Ingredients:

Silk Powder is a natural moisture-adjusting ingredient which benefits your skin with 18 amino acids. Silk can absorb or release moisture as temperature or humidity changes.

Pearl powder has been used for centuries in Asia and is believed to promote youthful, glowing and healthy skin. Pearl powder contains 31% Calcium and 56% Protein as well as an assortment of amino acids.

Allantoin enhances the moisture retention of the skin, increases skin softness, and promotes cell regeneration and healing.

Size: Silken Pearl Primer Powder is available in a "20 gram" clear plastic jar with sifter- approximately 7 grams net wt. 1/4 teaspoon samples are available at the bottom of this page.

Ingredients: Silk Powder, Pearl Powder, Allantoin, Iron Oxides (in tinted formula)

* Silken Pearl Primer Powder has a "shelf life" of approximately 2 years.