The above chart below shows the difference between warm and cool colors, side by side. In this format, it's easy to see the difference!

Warm colors are earthy- they're based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, warm reds...

Cool colors are heavenly- based on blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, and true "blue-based" reds.

This simple chart will help you to determine which colors are which, once you learn the basic differences between warm and cool color tones.

Once you have a general understanding, you can then differentiate between for example, a "warm pink" and a "cool pink". A warm pink is a peachy pink. A cool pink would be a purplish pink. A warm green would be a yellowish green. A cool green would be more blue.

A warm toned foundation powder is more yellow based. A cool toned one is more pink.

But it can get more confusing! How often have you heard something say "I am an autumn" or "I am a spring"? This means that they look best in warm tones. In contrast, "summers" and "winters" look best in cool tones. (this is based on the Color Me Beautiful method of skin typing, which has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years)

Looking at blushes? As a rule, any blush with a brown or peach undertone is warm. Any blush with a purple or pink undertone is cool. Some colors can work for both skintones, such as a peachy pink or a pinkish brown. This is why we offer samples, so you can try before you buy full sizes.

Keep in mind that computer monitors all vary in how they display colors, so we try to provide a description of colors as well as photos and/or skin swatches. It's always best to try a few samples and see how they compare. We offer samples of all of our loose powder cosmetic line.