EARN points (known as "sparkles") by joining the program, shopping (10 points for every $1 spent), following on social media, and celebrating a birthday.

REDEEM sparkles for $ value coupons off your future orders!

REFERRALS --> $10 coupon (order minimum $30) for your recipient, and $10 for you (order minimum $30) if they place an order (you can utilize referrals as often as you like- get your referral link in your account)

How to join? You need to have an Aromaleigh account, firstly. If you have an account, log into it. If you've placed an order in the past, you can easily create an account that will then pull in all orders you've placed under that email address since the Rewards program began 11/14/21.

CLICK the rewards icon in the lower right-hand corner, or hit the "REWARDS" link in the menu bar.

In order to access your rewards account, you have to both be logged in to your Shopify account, and click the rewards icon.

Save up sparkles to apply to your purchases!

Welcome to Rewards & Referrals!

Join Rewards!

First, log into (or create) your Aromaleigh store account, by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner (next to "My Cart").

Ways to Earn Points

You can earn points- known at Aromaleigh as "sparkles", in various ways, such as joining the program, birthdays, social media and 10 sparkles for every dollar spent.

Redeem Points!

Redeem your points (SPARKLES!) for various dollar amount coupons, good on future purchases.

Earn Referral Coupons

Receive $10 coupon for each completed referral! Your friend gets a $10 coupon to use on their order of $30+, and when their order is fulfilled, your account will show a $10 coupon for that referral (minimum order $30).

Your Own Referral Link

Your rewards count provides you with your own unique referral link, that you can copy and paste, or automatically share through Facebook, Twitter or Email directly through the rewards portal.

Access Rewards

Remember, on both mobile and desktop configurations, you access your rewards popup by clicking on the rewards launcher in the lower right hand corner! On your mobile device, this will appear as a gift box in a mauve circle.