[PSA] We will be moving to a new e-commerce platform in 7-10 days. We are unable to migrate your personal and account information, wish lists, or order history due to PCI Compliance laws. If you wish to save this data, you will need to go into your accounts and copy/paste it to your computer, or screenshot your orders and wishlists. When the new website goes online, there will be a period of time where both sites are online, but it is best to do this sooner than later. You will need to create a new account login on the new store platform. 

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Welcome to Aromaleigh!  We’re an indie cosmetics company established in 1998, and located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.
Our focus is on handcrafting mineral cosmetics for patrons who “have a lot on their minds”. Do you love history, mythology, science,
archaeology, literature, classical music, astronomy or botany? 
Founder Kristen Leigh Bell creatively concepts collections that reflect her world of inspiration.

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