Free Samples with Order

New free product policy, announced May 15, 2021:

Several years ago I made some changes, such as removing free baggie samples with orders and moving to a free deluxe sample jar with order instead. This change will be fully implemented by June, so remaining May orders may have either baggies or deluxe sample.

The # of free samples with each order is based on order size. Aromaleigh's minimum order is $10. Larger orders will receive 3-4 free sample baggies, whilst smaller orders will receive 1-2. 

I've reversing that change and moving back to the free sample baggies for two major reasons:
1) free sample baggies provide more variety for customers. Simply put, you can try more colors you might never have considered.
2) sample baggies have far less environmental impact than the hard plastic jars. From raw materials to production to shipment to me, to my shipment to you- they use far fewer resources. And in our current climate, that's important to me.