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3/12: Please read this important clarification of International Shipping policies
To see list of countries I ship to, scroll down below the text. I regret I can't make any exceptions to the list at this time. Countries that aren't listed are usually countries I have experienced issues with shipping to- whether loss/damage, delays, or customs issues. 
*** Aromaleigh ships internationally, but order size is limited to $80 and under PRE-COUPON. This is your order subtotal before any coupons are applied. If you go over $80 and try to check out, you will see that your shipping cost jumps to $500. This is to prevent international orders over the dollar limit from coming through.
As of 5/20, this policy has been enacted because international shipping is both risky and costly- for both you and Aromaleigh. Package losses are becoming increasingly common and as a very small company, I can't afford to continue replacing lost packages at my expense. Customs offices are opening larger packages and losing items within shipments. The only way to limit my losses is to limit the order size.  

IMPORTANT: Your Paypal or Credit Card billing/shipping and country of origin must match. We don't allow international payment and shipping to addresses in the United States, for example. All orders that have mismatched billing and shipping will be canceled.
We reserve the right to discontinue shipping to any country at any time if there are a large number of lost/damaged packages or badly delayed shipments.
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TERMS: (Order placement indicates that you have read and agree to these terms) Order limit size is $80 before coupons are applied. If you go over $80 and try to check out, you will see that your shipping cost jumps to $500. This is to prevent international orders over the dollar limit from coming through.
1. We are allowing PayPal as a payment method on a trial basis, as of June 5, 2015. We have had serious problems with Paypal disputes and Paypal fraud in the past, which is why we stopped allowing international customers to pay with Paypal and only accepted credit cards. If premature and unreasonable PayPal disputes arise again, or if there are fraud instances as in the past, we will discontinue Paypal again and go back to credit cards only.

2. Please contact us prior to filing a PayPal dispute. We work with and communicate with our international customers, thus preventing the need for you to ever have to file a dispute in the first place. Paypal disputes immediately take funds from our account and hold them. Paypal disputes should only be used as a last resort, if the seller refuses to communicate with you. We can be contacted by replying to your order confirmation, or the CONTACT form on the website, here.

3. Please allow ample time for your order to arrive- Aromaleigh is not responsible for customs delays or delays due to weather or holidays. If your order does not arrive, we cannot file the claim until 45 business days has passed. This can be over two calendar months.

4. You are responsible for the taxes and duties imposed by your country. Aromaleigh is not responsible to pay your taxes/duties.

5. Aromaleigh will not write in a lower value on your package for you to avoid paying customs duties. This is illegal. You are responsible for knowing what your country's customs regulations are, and what duties and taxes are imposed by your country. Please contact your customs office prior to ordering.

6.  If your order is refused or returned to us, for any reason, it is your responsibility to pay the cost of reshipment. If you do not wish to pay to reship, your order will be credited for the cost of product ONLY, with a 25% Restocking fee. Shipping costs are never refundable.

7. Incorrect or missing items in international orders are rare, but occasionally errors do happen. Due to the high cost of international shipping, refunds will be given for incorrect or missing items. 
Terms of shipping and rates to CANADA:

1. Orders up to $80 in pre-coupon value may ship via the First Class option. Shipping rates have recently increased drastically, and Aromaleigh has had to also increase our shipping fees.
Up to $60 ships for $9.50
Up to $80 ships for $15.50

Terms of shipping and rates to all other International destinations in our country list:
1. Orders up to $80 in product value may ship via the First Class International option 
Up to $60 ships for $13.99
Up to $80 ships for $22.99
Shipping rates only go up to $80, because I do not ship international orders larger than this size. (More details are above, in red) If you go over $80 and try to check out, you will see that your shipping cost jumps to $500. This is to prevent international orders over the dollar limit from coming through.
I ship to the following countries. If a country is not listed, I'm not currently shipping there and am unable to make exceptions. Thank you for your understanding!

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