Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan - you can order through the website. There's different rate tiers based on order weight. Most orders will fall within those tiers and be charged the published rate. However, if you order a lot of sale or discounted items, this can cause the weight of your package to be more than the cost tier it's at for your ship rate and thus require additional shipping. You'll be contacted in these instances- just keep in mind that it can happen when you order a lot of discounted or clearance items!


International shipping has changed due to the intricacies involved in the collection of VAT and taxes for EU and UK shipments.

As a small, one person business, I don't have access to the resources to have a tax agent or other dedicated entity to handle this for me.

For this reason, I'm using ETSY to service your international shipments, as they collect your VAT at time of order placement.

If you're in the EU or UK and would like to place an order, please add the items you'd like to your cart. Then, print your cart to a pdf file, or make screen captures of the items in your order and email them to me at 
*** Please note that I don't honor store coupons on international etsy orders due to the very high cost of Etsy's fee structure, which is far higher than any fees I incur through my regular website dealings. I regret that Etsy's high cost to seller system is the only way that I can ship internationally to the EU and UK.

** I am unable to ship to Italy (they don't allow cosmetic shipments from outside EU) or to Germany (due to new LUCID packaging law in effect as of 7/1/22).

I'll then create a custom ETSY listing for you to check out with- ETSY will collect all VAT, duty, tax, etc. that is required to get your shipment to you without customs delays.

I realize this is cumbersome, but it's the only solution at this time. Please allow me 1-4 business days on my end to transcribe your info and create your custom listing on Etsy. You'll pay through Etsy and receive your shipping documentation and tracking through Etsy.