Use the contact form below to send a message me.

Please allow 24-48 hours for reply during business days, and 24-72 hours for reply during weekends or holiday times.


Please read the following before you send a message:

      1. Requesting items be added on to an order, or orders to be combined?  
        I receive many requests to add items on to orders, or to combine two orders to save on shipping. At this time, I am not able to honor these requests. Please make sure your orders are complete AND accurate when you place them. 

      2. Requests For Free Product, Or Requests To Wholesale? I Don't Give Out Free Samples, Or Wholesale My Handcrafted Products. These requests will be deleted.

      3. IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY PLACING AN ORDER, I'M UNABLE TO PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL TECH SUPPORT. PLEASE TRY THE FOLLOWING: Try a different browser, try a different device altogether, restart your computer, restart your phone/tablet, try to place your order at a different time, try a different payment method (if you are trying to use paypal, try a credit card instead or vice versa), make sure your security settings (if you use a security program such as Norton) aren't set so high that you're disallowing online ordering. Thank you for your understanding- individually troubleshooting occasional online ordering issues isn't something within the scope of what I can do, as there's far too many variables.




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