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At Aromaleigh, giving our customers prompt, quality customer service is important to us. We are happy to assist you. If you have any questions, please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help, please contact us via the CONTACT link at the bottom of each page of this site.


Q: What is your minimum order?

A: Our minimum order is $10 before shipping and tax.

Q: What is your turn-around time?

A:  Aromaleigh's current turnaround time is displayed in a link in the menu bar on top of the site (viewable from any page of the site). Most orders are processed within the lower range of that estimate, but I feel it's important to include some additional days as "padding" in case any unforeseen circumstances arrive.

Not sure what turnaround time is?

Turnaround time (TAT) is a term used to describe the in-house processing time required to process your order. It doesn't include an order's transit time.

Here's an example of TAT. You place your order on a Thursday afternoon at 4 PM EST. Friday is day one of your TAT. Monday is day two, and so on. If your order ships with a four day TAT, it means your order will ship the Wednesday after order placement. Always remember that TAT doesn't include weekends or holidays.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Because we offer affordable samples of all of our products, we do not accept returns for these items. We recommend purchase of samples to all customers so that you can test our our colors and formulas! If you receive damaged or incorrect merchandise please let us know within 5 days of your package receipt. We will be happy to correct the discrepancy via standard shipping. If something has been damaged in transit we need to claim damages from our carrier, so please hang on to all packing materials and products during the claim process.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express payment methods. Credit card payments go through Shopify. Paypal accounts may be one of two accounts related to Aromaleigh- Aromaleigh Inc. or Dulcinea35 Aroma/Dulci. If you have any questions about your billing statement please contact us!

Q: Will I get charged sales tax? 

A: Orders in the state of South Carolina will be assessed sales tax according to your county and location. The flat state sales tax is 6%. Some locations may be charged local option taxes, so the tax rate will be higher than 6%. This is automatically calculated based on your shipping address.

Q: Can I change or add to my order once it is placed? 

A: No. Please make sure that your order is complete and accurate before you place it. Due to the nature of being a one woman company and running a business such as Aromaleigh, order changes are very difficult for me to handle. They also cause delays to your order, as well as the orders of others. Out of fairness to all customers, I maintain a policy that orders are considered final once placed.

Will you combine orders to help me save on shipping?

A: Unfortunately, the only time I can do this is if you place two orders back to back in numerical order. Otherwise it's complicated to do and interferes with the efficient manner in which I have to process orders to stay within my TAT. Thank you for understanding that I'm unable to provide this type of service.

What if I make a mistake? 

A: If you place an order in error, please contact us IMMEDIATELY. Authorizations or payments associated with the order will be reversed. You must contact us immediately to do a cancellation. Because we have a rapid turn-around-time, any order that has been processed and/or shipped can't be canceled or refunded.

Q: Can I use your products anywhere on my face or body? 

A: Product Use Disclaimer: Aromaleigh formulates products according to FDA mandates and in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Products are indicated and suggested for use on particular parts of the body (eyes, lips, cheeks, etc). Your use of any product in an area other than where it is instructed for use is done at your own risk. Please follow all label instructions carefully. Aromaleigh cannot be held liable for misuse of our products.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can order, or is my signature required for larger orders? 

A: Large orders/Signature Confirmation: We may require that the customer provide signature confirmation at time of package delivery in the case of large orders. $150+. This will be determined on a situational basis. 

A: Stipulation for large or potentially fraudulent first-time orders: Aromaleigh reserves the right to limit order size or quantities, or refuse any order for any reason. We may from time to time require a customer to provide additional payment verification information or we may refuse unusually large orders to avert credit card fraud. This is for customer protection, and to prevent chargebacks.

Q: What if my order gets returned or I refuse it? Is there a restocking fee? 

A: Orders that are returned to Aromaleigh are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Shipping fees are non-refundable for returned orders. If you would like a returned order to be reshipped to you, you may pay for reshipment. When you place an order you must be able to accept delivery of your order. If for any reason your order is sent back to us, refused or undeliverable, you will receive the cost of your product minus the 25% restocking fee.

Q: What are your shipping rates?

A: Aromaleigh ships within the USA for $3.49 flat rate first class mail. Orders within the USA that are over $75 ship for free. You may choose priority mail if you wish to have faster transit, but there isn't free priority mail shipping.

Rate Increases: Our shipping rates may increase at any time without notice due to periodic rate increases made by the United States Postal Service. There was recently a very large rate increase, and as I had not changed the ship rates in over two years, I did have to increase my ship rates across the board.

Q: What if my order tracking shows that the package is lost?

A: Aromaleigh will, after reasonable time has been given for a delayed or misrouted domestic package to arrive, reship your order. We do not refund, we reship.

Q: What is your policy for changes in product pricing or inventory?

A: Product pricing and inventory is subject to change without notice. When we do discontinue a product we always will try to do so with advance notice to you.

Q: Is your shopping cart secure?

A: Your security is very important to us. When you enter the order checkout, you will see “https://” This indicates a secure site area. We protect your online security with an SSL certificate.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: Aromaleigh is committed to protecting your privacy online. We do everything we can to make this online experience smooth and enjoyable. Gathering data regarding our customers is necessary in order to bill and ship orders with accuracy. Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share, sell or rent personal information that is collected with customer orders.

Q:What is your mailing address? 

A: Aromaleigh Inc. | PO Box 967 | West Union | South Carolina | 29696

Q: Will I automatically receive mailings from you if I place an order? 

A: You will not be automatically added to our email newsletter mailing list if you place an order. Our newsletter is opt-in only, and is hosted by Constant Contact. There is a signup box at the bottom of each page of this site, and you can opt in when you place an order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We have started shipping to CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, Australia, and many other countries. Please click here to view our current country list, international shipping terms and rates for these areas.  

Q: Can I use or copy information from your website? What is your policy in regards to your intellectual property and copyrights? 

A: If you are a beauty blogger reviewing Aromaleigh products, you are welcome to use our color descriptions, link to our website, or use our color swatches in your blog posts. Please link to us and give credit, thank you! 

Intellectual Property/Copyrights/Trademarks: No part of this site is reproducible without written permission. All material and products ©1992-2015 Aromaleigh, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

All site content (text, photos, product names, recipes and descriptions, design elements, typography, programming, marketing and advertising concepts) is the Intellectual Property and/or Trademark/Copyright of Aromaleigh, Inc. and is protected by US Copyright and Trademark Law. Aromaleigh and the Aromaleigh logo is a registered trademark of Aromaleigh, Inc. All product names are trademarks of Aromaleigh. All product ingredients and descriptions (“recipes”) are protected by common law copyright. Aromaleigh’s packaging design and decorations, as well as the graphic appearance of our website, products and marketing materials represent a distinctive “trade dress”. Aromaleigh will take legal action for any violation of our distinctive trade dress. Legal action will be taken for any violation or unauthorized use of our Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Trademarks.

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