Aromaleigh's Shopify store has recently upgraded to a Shopify 2.0 theme which is ADA Compliant. Here's an article about the accessibility requirements which Shopify 2.0 store themes meet.

At this time, I'm researching numerous different bulk alt text image editors which will allow me to more efficiently add these descriptive fields to thousands of images associated with Aromaleigh products over the years.
The upgrade is a new version of my current theme, so you won't notice much difference in your shopping experience, unless you had accessibility issues before. If you did, please accept my sincere apology, and reach out to me if there's any way that I can personally assist you with getting an order placed in the interim while I am handling the bulk editing of alt text tags of thousands of images. I'm willing to work with you in whatever manner you require, to get your order in, while I get these changes up to date. CONTACT
Thank you for your patience, reach out if you need my assistance, and again, my most sincere apologies if the store has been inaccessible to you. Small business owners are always learning and improving our connections with customers, and this is something I only very recently became aware of.