Bright pink and muted violet and gray piles of loose powder makeup on a white background.


Artisan-crafted Loose Powder Mineral Makeup
Truly Indie & Made in the USA since 1998!

25% OFF Gossamer Foundation, Kabuki Brushes and the new Appalachian Wonder Collection -- through August 24th!

Gossamer Mineral Foundation is my most popular foundation formula. It features variable coverage and a wide shade range! Affordable sample baggies are available, so you can try out this formula and find your perfect shade without breaking the bank.

Also included in this round of sales is the new Appalachian Wonder Collection, which currently features ten beautiful duochrome eyeshadows with luminous finishes, and five easy-wear satin blushes.

Also on sale is the vegan brown faux kabuki brush, which is perfect for applying mineral foundation!