VICTORIAN ODDITIES: Limited Edition Spooky Season Mini Collection!

Welcome to the Victorian era, where toxic and poisonous ingredients lurked in cosmetics, traditions and beyond! This limited edition collection contains four eyeshadows and a special effects glitter flake (not intended for immediate eye area use!).

Note:No mummies were dusted, no birds were taxidermied, no deadly nightshade was added, and no arsenic is available for anyone in this collection (official disclaimer!)

New Mythos collection- "HYPNOS: God of Sleep"

Hypnos: God of Sleep is the latest offering of the Mythos series, and includes 12 eyeshadows, 4 cheek/face products and 4 lip products. Hypnos was the ancient Greek personification of sleep, and was the son of the Goddess Nyx.

In Greek myth, he is described as living in the underworld- in a dark, musty cave through which flowed the waters of Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. Hypnos lay on his soft couch, surrounded by his many sons (the Oneroi), who were the bringers of dreams. The entrance to his cave was said to be surrounded by various soporific plants and herbs, which he used to bring sleep.

"The Language of Flowers" Lip Balm Collection

With the dimming light and colder weather, I think flowers have a special way of bringing light back into our days, as we wait for real ones to bloom in spring.

My lip balm formula is rich and nourishing, with Pomegranate butter and Meadowsweet oils, as well as Shea, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba.

25th Anniversary Eyeshadow - "Perseverance"

A beautiful coppery shade with rose iridescence and borealis shifts. Aptly named "Perseverance" because after 25 years of being an indie handcrafter (longer if you count the small business that eventually led to Aromaleigh), I've realized that perseveranceis why I'm still here!