2023 Color of the Year Capsule Collection

Six eyeshadows and lip products inspired by Pantone's color of the year, "Viva Magenta". These all commonly contain the same amount of a pigment that's a superb match for "Viva Magenta", but I've created an ensemble of wearable shades around this theme by combining it with other pigments, such as silver glimmer, gold glimmer, pewter, sparkling bronze, color traveling blue/violet, and a rich true red frost.

The result is this capsule collection, a way for everyone to pick up at least one shade that's based on the color of the year!

No matter what your skintone, you should be able to find a shadow that works for you, as some are warm, others cool and others neutral.

"The Language of Flowers" Lip Balm Collection

With the dimming light and colder weather, I think flowers have a special way of bringing light back into our days, as we wait for real ones to bloom in spring.

My lip balm formula is rich and nourishing, with Pomegranate butter and Meadowsweet oils, as well as Shea, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba.

25th Anniversary Eyeshadow - "Perseverance"

A beautiful coppery shade with rose iridescence and borealis shifts. Aptly named "Perseverance" because after 25 years of being an indie handcrafter (longer if you count the small business that eventually led to Aromaleigh), I've realized that perseveranceis why I'm still here!