Welcome! Aromaleigh Cosmetics is a one woman business and micro-formulator of artisan-crafted cosmetics & natural care products. 

All products are proprietary and are independently handcrafted in small batches, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.

Scroll this page to learn more about my business, and how a dedication to handcrafting from start to finish allows creativity and a wide variety of products- to flourish.


Handcrafted in the USA since 1998. Aromaleigh doesn't utilize mass manufacturers or private labelers.

Proprietary Formulations - never mass manufactured

All Aromaleigh products are conceptualized and formulated from the ground up- not mass manufactured in another country, or "private"/"white" label where someone else manufactures and then puts out label on it.

Truly artisan handcrafted, color by color- jar by jar. With almost 25 years of cosmetic formulating experience, Aromaleigh (founded in 1998) is a "first wave" indie- an era marked by a dedication to formulating from scratch and in-house, small batch production. While the definition of "indie" has changed a lot in the past 5 years, my dedication to the original sentiment of "indie" has not. I'm a purist!

What is "Small Batch" Cosmetics?

Small batch production is a dedication to hand production of small batches of a single color or product. There's no doubt that mass manufacturing removes certain soulful aspects from the process.

Small batch is for both quality control and shelf life of formulations. It also allows greater variety and creativity, as everything is done in-house instead of being farmed out where larger color quantities per unit are required for production.

Another benefit of small batch is more consistent inventory, since everything is made on site- there's little to no product sold out, or with long waits.

Every Jar & Sample Filled by Hand

As a one woman show, I personally fill and label every single sample bag and jar that's produced at Aromaleigh. With product size offerings ranging to meet every need and budget, fulfilling inventory is one of the least glamorous but most crucial aspects of customer service- simply having a consistent supply of product ready for order fulfillment. One of the biggest caveats of shopping indie has always been TAT. I strive to keep TAT to a minimum.

A wise business person once told me, "No one will ever care more about your business than you". I bring this unwavering level of attention to every aspect of Aromaleigh. It's all in the details.

Ethically-sourced Mica and USA-based sourcing only!

I utilize a wide range of cosmetic effect pigments in formulating a vast array of products, but when it comes to naturally-occuring mica, that mica is ethically sourced from suppliers with an established base of operations within the United States.

This means no effect pigment purchases off alibaba, or from the frequent solicitations sent by numerous pigment companies located outside of the USA. With over two decades of purchasing relationships, I work solely within the United States.

No alibaba, no fly by night companies.

Aromaleigh's Founder and Creator/Formulator

I enjoy working with my hands, and creating new, beautiful and/or useful products from scratch. The creative process holds great meaning to me personally, and I delve deeply into the subject matter I find inspiring. I strive to be always learning.

My collections are inspired by my special interests and passions, with a focus on fine art, nature, history, science and mythology. Every product finds it's inspiration in some deeper creative spark, inspiring me to share it's interpretation with my customers. As an artist and creative, I like to see each product itself, and the collection it belongs to- as a small work of art. I personally don't wear much colorful makeup, as I'm now in my 50's and work outdoors much of the time. You'll usually find me in Dewdrop Mineral Foundation, a complex neutral eye shade and tinted lip creme. I've never had much talent for more complex cosmetic application! I'll always strive to balance fun/sparkly products with daily wear, work friendly, "go-to" products for my fellow "beauty over 40" customer base!

The Aromaleigh brand (pronounced  "Aroma-lee") was founded in Rochester, NY in the year 1998. It initially started off as an aromatherapy/fragrance company and soon expanded to offer a full range of cosmetics. 

Products are never tested on animals and are proprietary formulations, never repackaged. I am vegan-friendly, and products that are vegan are marked. If you have a question about a specific color's ingredients or use, please send a message! 

When I'm not working on orders, you'll find me gardening, foraging, hiking and cooking.

Inspired by Nature

The flora & fauna of the biodiverse Southeastern Appalachians is a constant fount of inspiration for Aromaleigh products, shades & finishes.