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Welcome! Aromaleigh is a one woman business and formulator of artisan-crafted cosmetics. All products are proprietary and are independently handcrafted in small batches, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.

My collections are inspired by my special interests and passions, with a focus on fine art, nature, history, science and mythology. As a second generation Italian-American my love of Italy is also often evident! 

Aromaleigh is pronounced  "Aroma-lee" and was founded in Rochester, NY in the year 1998. My middle name is "Leigh", so Aromaleigh it was! It initially started off as an aromatherapy/fragrance company and soon expanded to offer a full range of cosmetics. 

Aromaleigh products are never tested on animals and are proprietary formulations, never repackaged. I am vegan-friendly, and products that are vegan are marked. If you have a question about a specific color's ingredients or use, please send a message! Carol, who handles my customer service portal will assist you.

When I'm not working on orders, you'll find me gardening, hiking, star-gazing, reading, crocheting, playing the violin, or usually- working on the small farm I live on with my Son and our menagerie of critters. I deeply appreciate your business, which directly supports our little family and endeavors!

** If you've ended up on this page due to a web search for the book  “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals” ** (Findhorn Press, 2002), you've found the right Kristen Leigh Bell. However, I don't currently sell aromatherapy blends for pets as of 2002. I don't do any consulting services/interviews/appearances in relation to my book.  The contact/product availability information in “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals”  is over a decade out of date, but the recipes for those products can be found in the book, thank you!


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