PALLAS ATHENA - chromatic eyeshadow topper

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PALLAS ATHENA,  from the "Fable of Arachne" Mythos collection. This shade is a sheer, sparkly and chromatic eyeshadow topper. It can be worn on it's own, or over other shades. A fixative will work best to keep this shade in place.


Color Description: This eyeshadow topper shifts from teal to green to gold, and sometimes you may see violet or blue in certain lighting. Full size jar artwork features a turn of the century illustration by French artist Joseph Apoux, from his Drama Reveries Fantastiques.

Sizes available:

  1. Sample baggie: 1/16 teaspoon in zip baggie.

  2. Demi Sample: 1/8 teaspoon in 3 gram jar. No sifter. Bottom label only.

  3. Mini Size Jar: 3 gram jar with sifter and top/bottom labels. This size jar contains 1/2 teaspoon which has a minimum net gram weight of 1 grams. 

Contains: synthetic fluorphlogopite, calcium borosilicate, titanium dioxide, iron oxides.


Chromatic series premium eyeshadows & toppers are formulated with unique, color traveling pigments that display a strong and vibrant color shift under artificial or mixed light sources. Under direct sunlight or diffused artificial light, the effects are washed out, or may appear simply as a sparkly duochrome.

The ingredients that create these chromatic effects are extremely costly and used as the highest percentage in the formulas (they are 6-8 times the cost of the typical duochrome/interference pigment), I have adjusted prices/sizing accordingly. Basically, you will find that these are twice the cost of other Aromaleigh eyeshadows. Example: a regular Aromaleigh sample is 1/8 tsp in a baggie for $1.25. With chromatic/premium shades, you get 1/16th tsp in a baggie for the same price of $1.25)