LALUNA Supernatural Shimmer Powder

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Craving a supernatural gleam in the sunlight?

Powder your face and body with one of our natural mineral makeup formulas. With the "Laluna" trio of Face and Body Powders, you too, can be showered with a positively immortal glimmer (Laluna was formerly known as "Aromaleigh Twilight Supernatural Face and Body Powders")

Our trio of Laluna powders come in three levels of glimmer, so that you can choose one to suit your needs and of course, your personality. (I know that many of you have been looking for a way to achieve this sunlight diamond effect you've read about... so we put our minds together and developed this trio of powders especially for you!)
    • Laluna Lustre is a very fine, silky powder that slightly lightens your skin and gives you a luminous gleam. It's the most subtle of the trio, but personally, I feel that it gives the most interesting effect because it is so finely milled that your skin becomes radiant with an iridescent glow. This makeup is especially dramatic when applied to your face, especially if you have pale, smooth skin- this makeup actually makes your skin look like glowing moonstone, or marble.
    • Laluna Sparkle contains distinct shimmering iridescent glimmers. In the sunlight or under bright light, it shimmers like radiant tiny diamonds. Apply over skin that you have applied lotion to (preferably with a high SPF, of course!), the effect is even more pronounced, and the product will stay longer on your skin. Twilight Sparkle may slightly lighten your skin, but it is formulated to be suitable for many skintones, in a transparent base.
    • Laluna Dazzle provides the most intense borealis iridescent sparkle on your skin. Dazzle sparkles beautifully even under indoor lights, and simply, well... "Dazzles" in the bright sunlight. Wear this one when you *want* to be noticed. Apply over skin that you have applied lotion to (preferably with a high SPF, of course!) and the effect is more pronounced and the product will stay longer on your skin. This formula contains pure mineral makeup shimmer in a transparent base, so it can be used on a variety of skintones.
All formulas, however, work best with those who have paler skintones... and produce beautiful effects ranging from ethereal and luminous to boldly dazzling.

Made in the USA by Aromaleigh Inc.
Sizes available:

The regular jar size ( aka "20 gram" jar) holds approximately 7 grams net weight of powder
This jar measures 2" in diameter and is .875" high
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Sample Baggie 1/4 teaspoon in a 2x2 inch zip baggie
This is enough product for many samplings
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Ingredients: Silica, Mica (CI 77019), Titanium dioxide (CI 77891). Dazzle formula contains Calcium Borosilicate.