The short of it:

• Creative Spontaneity
• Short lead time for new releases
• Consistent Inventory
• No "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out)
• A variety of product sizes for every need and budget

One of the wonderful things about being a handcrafter is the creative spontaneity.

Example: When Pantone announced the 2023 color of the year in December, I was able to set to work creating a capsule collection to celebrate it. If I were having my product manufactured, there would be a much longer lead time to bring a collection to fruition.

Handcrafting is the perfect medium for me, because as a creative and curious person, this process occurs in real time, and is applied to product formulation and concepting when ideas are fresh! The recipes and processes I use in my formulary are time tested and true, so I can focus on expressing my creativity within set parameters.

The other wonderful thing about handcrafting is that I am able to offer consistent inventory. Lip products might experience a delay, but that's because I'm setting aside the time to make them by hand, not ordering them from a manufacturer and waiting for them to arrive.

Consistent inventory is important to me, because it allows you to shop at your own pace, according to your needs- without fear of missing out (FOMO), anxiety over getting your order in, long wait times for out of stock items to arrive back in stock, etc.

Want to try just a sample of something at a low price point? I've got you covered! Feeling like a splurge and ready for full sizes? I've got you covered! Somewhere in the middle and just need a midi size? Covered!

My goal is to affordably offer a range of sizes of single products (no palettes) so that you can purchase exactly what you want and need- whether you're shopping for eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or mineral foundation!


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