For me, it will always mean items that are hand-crafted from raw ingredients, in small batches. It will mean greater affordability and variety, as most indie artisans, being at their smallest, just one person ( 🙋‍♀️ ) won't have to deal with added costs due to buying bulk custom packaging or paying manufacturers.

It will mean greater variety and creativity, because there isn't a series of higher-up approvals and focus groups that products need to go through.

I feel indie cosmetics are typically much easier on the wallet- for instance, my flagship regular sized mineral makeup (Gossamer) 10 gram jar costs $16. Bare Minerals offers an 8 gram jar for $32. Likewise, a .57 gram Bare Minerals eyeshadow costs $16, while I offer a 1.2 gram for 7.25 (plus option to try it first in a smaller size).

I haven't been price-comparing my products to anything else in a very long time, and now that I have- I'm surprised at how much cosmetics have increased in price! How can the average person afford to treat themselves, at these high prices?

Many can't, and this makes me even more dedicated to providing the most affordable options and ways to try products. From sample baggies of cheek and face products, to the $1.25 eyeshadow sample baggies gradually rolling out- I'm dedicated to offering you a wide range of products, a wide range of BASICS (in a world that gets more and more sparkly and color-shifting every day, basics are still important!), a wide range of sizes to suit your needs, and the creativity and product inspiration that likely brought you here in the first place.
I've been having a lot of thoughts about Aromaleigh the last few months. It's my 23rd year of business and I've seen so many makeup trends come and go... it's led me to realize that while bright and flashy are fun, customers need a reason to come back for their holy grail, daily use products.

I hope to carefully balance things to offer the basics + the fun, and always at an affordable price point!

Shown here, jarring up the demi-sample size of Atropa, from Vintage Aromaleigh Fatalis. ❤



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