The Orpheus & Eurydice Mythos collection, an expansive range of products enabling you to achieve full-face looks for various skin tones and preferences, all within the same thematic range. Inspired by the writings of Virgil and Ovid, and the painting by Gaetano Gandolfi.

The collection includes the following:

  • Ten Eyeshadows: Orpheus, Eurydice, Mischance, Viper's Sting, Wild Solitude, Cruel Fates, Depths of Erebus, Lord of the Dead, Singing Lyre, Idyllic Pursuits
  • Four Rouges: Stone Hearted, Farewell, Charmed to Stillness, Enamored
  • Two Highlighters: Divine Right, Love's Anguish
  • Two Contour/Matte Multipurpose: Bacchic Revelry, Deathly Pallor
  • Four Lip Lush: Maenad, Spirits Wept, Conjured by Song, What Love Did Seek
  • One Finishing Powder: Beloved




Highlighters & Multipurpose Contour Powders:

Lip Lush - Moisturizing formula, "Your Lips but Better" shades:

Finishing Powder:


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