June Vintage Aromaleigh offerings include ten representative shades from Insectarium Volumes I and II!   

I've included from Volume I - Anthaxia (not shown here), Sagra, Chrysolina, Iridotaenia, Lamprima, Chalenius and Sagra. And from Volume II- Meloe, Plateumaris, Cassida and Canthidium.

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I typically consider "Vintage" to be an older collection, but customer requests paired with the overall popularity of multichromes (and subsequent understanding about how finicky they are to photograph combined with the reality that they only show their true colors in low/mixed artificial light conditions and with a primer base) has led me to feel comfortable releasing limited quantities of these shades.

My multichromatic raw ingredient availability is low, so I was unable to bring back certain shades. I feel that this ten represent the best of the two collections given this limitation!

Like all Vintage Aromaleigh shades, these are available in one jar size only.
Vintage Aromaleigh offerings change from month to month and will likely carry on throughout the remainder of 2021, as I work in tandem on new formulations and collections.

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