Vintage Aromaleigh for August will return you to some of your favorites of days long past. 2013's Brilliant Deductions collection had some beautiful and complex, lush shades.

As of 2017, I no longer create new pop culture fandom-inspired collections. Many other indies have discontinued doing them as well, unless they have a specific licensing agreement to do so.

For this reason, I'm promoting only the shades themselves and none of the context of their inspiration. Vintage Aromaleigh is something I'm doing to enable customers to revisit with past collections, or restock their old jars that are running low. I don't produce a lot of the VA feature, just enough to ensure that there's plenty to last without the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out).

I know a lot of people miss the fandom collections, but due to potential issues with licensing and copyrights (even though the few fandom collections I've done have always aimed to skirt far around any literal representations or direct label art associations) it's best in this day and age that they be avoided as subject matter for collections.

For those interested, my first two fandom collections were in 2010, after I'd been in business for 12 years (Wonderstruck and Spells!). My third, was this collection (Brilliant Deductions). My fourth, "Ever in your favor", and my fifth "This is my Design". I also did a limited release box inspired by the return of the X Files series, and there were 2 Ephemera boxes (Eternal Sunshine, White Witch). I don't think I missed any, if I did- let me know in the comments. Given that these collections were such a small percentage of my overall formulary, it wasn't a major shift to leave them behind.

Comment with your favorites from this collection (due to discontinued ingredients, I wasn't able to bring back some of the shades I wanted to).

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  • Melissa: November 02, 2021
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    Experimental Drug was a favorite crease color, excited to see it may return!

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