"Perseverance", an eyeshadow shade to mark the start of my 25th Anniversary Year.
It's a beautiful coppery shade with rose iridescence and borealis shifts. 
It's named "Perseverance" because after 25 years of being an indie handcrafter (longer if you count the small business that eventually led to Aromaleigh), I've realized that perseverance is why I'm still here.
Perseverance is defined as "persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." While I've achieved no great success over all of these years, that was never actually the goal. I never wanted to have a huge business, or to be wealthy. I simply wanted to be happy, to have enough to be comfortable, to have the freedom to create.
I wanted to have a business where I handcrafted all of the products, and where these products met the needs of my customers but also brought them a little bit of joy. I wanted a business where I could comfortably raise my son and spend time with him. I wanted a business where I eventually could have a healthy work-life balance and pursue things that fulfilled me, helping me to be a better mother and a better person, and in turn, signified a level of "success" not measured by money, or ephemeral things.
I hope and pray for many more years of handcrafting and providing products for you. So many of you have been with me across the span of two or more decades, and I'm incredibly grateful to have earned your loyalty and to still be producing products that meet your needs after all of these years!


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