12/1/16 - the first 10 shades of this collection have returned. The revamped shades feature stronger highlight shifts, but other than this have not been reformulated or rendered semi-loose as I found the additional ingredients muddied the shades and highlight iridescence. The 2016 versions have a custom label on the full size jars (prior have clear Aromaleigh logo tops). Sample availability is limited to the deluxe sample size.


 IGNIS ANTIQUITA is a permanent collection of eyeshadows inspired by the amazing, fiery, passionate, strong women who have been largely forgotten in our history books, or had their histories revised. Historically seen as the weaker sex, women were typically unable to contribute to politics, academia, science, or war. But what little we know about these women is proof that women are far greater than the sum of their parts. They are a force to be reckoned with.

The name "Ignis Antiquita" is beautifully representative of the sentiment behind this collection.
It is Latin, and translates to English as "Ancient Fire" or "Fire of Old". Ignis is fire- as it relates to the fiery spirit and passion. Antiquita is old, ancient, time-honored, revered, primeval. The collection features women from ancient times, spanning many cultures and areas. 


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