If you've been an Aromaleigh customer for 13+ years, then you probably participated in the online forum, which was a central hub of information and interactivity for customers from 2000-2010. Back then, we didn't have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram- online forum communities were the norm.
After much deliberation, I've decided to bring back that tried & tested, old school format. After all, 63% of my customer base is 35+, with around 30% age 55+. With 2/3 of my audience comprised of young Baby Boomers, Generation X and older Millennials, I'm banking on the idea that many of you, like me- have personally grown distant from certain social media, FB in particular.
I'll be posting a variety of information to the forum several times a week, as I'm dedicated to slowly but surely building the sense of community and friendship, sharing and creativity that the Aromaleigh forums once held. I realize it won't be easy, and I likely will be talking to myself over there for a while- but I'm taking the leap. Would you take it with me?
I won't discontinue posting on FB or Instagram, but I will be putting a strong effort into the forums and providing various educational/product info on them.
Pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee and create a username! Need foundation color help? Just ask. Need a product suggestion? Make a post. Just want to chat? We do that too.
Some thoughts to consider:
  • Online boards provide a structure and framework for information to be split into distinct areas and categorized by topic boards and threads.
  • Online boards are free-standing, and not at risk of being deleted by a social media platform.
  • Reduction in sponsored ads
  • Privacy issues with FB and Insta don't apply to forums.
  • Anonymity. On a forum, you can choose to participate anonymously.


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