A range of five magical pastel shades with duochrome and color travel effects depending on application method and lighting. The definition of Desideratum is "something that is needed or wanted." and I guess that word encapsulates my twenty years as a cosmetic formulator. Aromaleigh has always been necessary for me not only to make a living, but also a creative outlet. There's so much more to it, but that is it's simplest terms. I have a love for color, light, art, photography, words... and Aromaleigh allows me to express that while doing something that I love!

Thank you for being with me along this twenty year journey. It's been a long one, and I look forward to where we go next!

These shades are limited edition, and are similar in finish to the Fatalis and Insectarium collections. They are available only in the 1/8 tsp sample jar size. This sounds small, but it in reality provides enough product for many applications, I'd estimate 10-15 full lid applications, possibly more. They are $3.75 per jar, or $17.50 for the entire set of five. They have both top and bottom labels, but no jar sifters.


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