2021 shade range expansion update!

Pink and Pink Linen, and 4L have been added to the Gossamer formula mineral foundation!

Changes are up on the site for all four product sizes: https://www.aromaleighcosmetics.com/collections/foundation

These changes will be added to Dewdrop next, then Pashmina.
Additional deep/dark shade range expansion will occur throughout 2021. I'd planned to start this project after my son shipped off to basic training, but I've moved it up in my schedule due to necessity. This is a large project, which I'll complete in small steps towards my greater goal of having all three foundation shade ranges expanded to meet a wider range of customer needs than ever before.

Mineral foundation was my flagship product, and is one of the items I handcraft, which is an item that customers return for again, and again- a lightweight, natural-looking finish with simple ingredients, and environmentally aware, simple packaging. It's "Your skin, but better".

Once all shades have been expanded, I'll be updating the product photography for all mineral foundations! 

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  • Marsha Webb: November 02, 2021
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bring back the P shades. I guess I should order samples before the biggie. I just wanted to thank you and hope you have as good of a day as I’m having right now.

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