Introducing INSECTARIUM, color traveling multichrome eyeshadows inspired by Entomology- these ten shades specifically, are all named after colorful iridescent beetles.

This collection is permanent. Sizes, options and prices are the same as for the Fatalis collection. The larger sizes have custom artwork. The 6/16 release will be eyeshadows only at this time, additional products may be added as scheduling allows. 

These shades differ from Fatalis in that they use different pigments than Fatalis. Same type of premium pigment, but different hue/color travel. They also have more vibrant base colors, while Fatalis shades are darker and employ more heathered base tones. I've photographed these color-shifting shades in numerous light sources to show difference results you might see. Last year when I released Fatalis, I made the mistake of not including enough light sources in my photographs- I included primarily the mixed lighting conditions, that the unique pigments react to the most. When these go live, each color will show numerous light sources, so you can clearly see how the shadows are most vibrant and reactive to artificial/mixed indoor lighting, and more straightforward under daylight balanced lights or sunlight. This is because the pigments are more reactive to certain wavelengths of light than others, much like the beautiful Alexandrite  gemstone exhibits trichroism, reflecting and absorbing light differently in different directions and color temperatures.

All of my photos are taken in various lighting conditions around my house and outdoors, under the existing light fixtures- I didn't use a complex or intricate setup to photograph these colors. Some of the places I took the photos were at the kitchen sink, at my desk next to my computer/window/lamp, in the hallway, etc. Incandescent lighting is your run of the mill household light bulbs- typically not daylight balanced. LED and daylight balanced CFL are two different types of light sources with different reactivity to these pigments. As a rule, these are at their best in incandescent light, dimmer lighting conditions, and mixed lighting conditions. NYX cream eye base in skintone was used for all, and the product was applied with a flat taklon brush and then patted with my fingertip to further flatten the pigment particles for optimal reflectivity. Amazing results can also be achieved with a glue base, but I don't photograph products for my site using a glue base.
Anthaxia.duo Megaloxantha.duo Chalenius.duo Charidotella.duo Chrysolina.Duo Lamprima.duo Iridotaenia.Duo Protaenia.duo Sagra.Duo Sternocera.Duo


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