Welcome to the "Fable of Arachne", released 10/24/21

This is a concept collection based on the Greek myth about Arachne and Athena's weaving contest, and Arachne's subsequent damnation to life as a spider. 

Diverging themes course through this myth, as much as the opposition of the immortal Goddess Athena vs. the foolish mythical weaver, Arachne. So don't expect this collection to appear as a cohesive whole! At it's heart, it's divided between the fire and spirit of it's two main characters.

Athena was a Goddess of handicrafts of all types, and that included weaving. She spun her loom with divine fibers and colors, while Arachne worked her sensational talent with the threads and colors of the earth, untouched by the divine. 

In competition, the two women spun sensational tapestries full of color and metallic threads, telling stories of the Gods and Goddesses.

Through this vast collection, I invite you to express your own creativity, if you like! The shades are crafted to pair and layer with one another, whether in harmony or juxtaposition. Mattes paired with metallics and chromatic overlays can yield a wide range of unique, custom shades.

The mini and full size jars feature derivative artwork inspired by a turn of the century illustration by French artist Joseph Apoux, from his Drama Reveries Fantastiques.

The collection contains the following:

  • 5 multichromatic toppers (representing Athena)
  • 5 vivid matte eyeshadows (representing Arachne)
  • 5 silvery premium metallics (representing Athena)
  • 5 vivid premium metallics (representing Arachne)
  • 2 highlighters
  • 2 blush
  • 1 lipgloss
  • 1 color creme

Multichromatic Toppers:

Silvery metallics:

Vivid Metallics:


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