The sixth installment of the Six Wives of Henry VIII is now available. Henry's sixth and last wife, was Lady Latimer- Catherine Parr. Catherine's motto was "To be Useful in All I Do".

This collection contains five eyeshadows (available in sample baggie, deluxe sample and full size with jar art), a rouge, a highlighter and a color creme for lips.


Lady Latimer (eyeshadow)Rich amber frost with some metallic silver shimmer. 

Knower of Secrets (highlighter/multipurpose) A pinkish/buff satin base reveals a strong green shift on application. Use of a base intensifies shift.  Vegan. Lip, cheek and eye safe.

Most Clever (rouge)Warm coppery rose with a reddish iridescence. Looks brownish/copper in jar, application opens up the pink and reddish tones! Vegan. Lip, cheek and eye safe.

Sympathetic (eyeshadow)Warm green with subtle blue highlight.  

To be Useful in All I Do (color creme for lips)A wearable warm rosy brown with peachy undertones. 

Prayers or Meditations (eyeshadow) - Warm brown with blue iridescence and strong copper metallic reflect. A complex neutral. 

Crowns & Scepters (eyeshadow)A pale warm cream with pink/copper iridescence.   Note: This shade was formerly in the Anne Boleyn collection and was previously called "Coronation".

Sixth and Last (eyeshadow) - Dark tarragon green with metallic gold highlight shimmer.



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