INSECTARIUM VOLUME 2: NEUTRALS is now available! Pair these with the brighter shades of Volume 1, or wear on their own. They can be worn intensely, or as a sheer shimmering wash of glowing iridescence. Pair them with the multipurpose matte contour powders for a rich Autumn look. SHOP

This set is made up of 5 iridescent, color traveling color tones overlaid on both warm bronze metallic and cool silver metallic bases for a total of ten shades.

These colors are uniquely different from other eyeshadows and duochromes in that they glow and flash their iridescence in LOW LIGHT and mixed indirect light, such as indoor light from lamps/windows/overhead lights/etc. I did not shoot these in a fancy studio setup- these were shot using the available light in my house. Outdoors in the sun, or under direct light? You don't see the gorgeous iridescent flashes of color. This is not a defect, it's just the science behind how these pigments react to wavelengths of light that regular eyeshadows don't.

Each color's individual listing shows 8-10 different lighting conditions and combinations so that you can see what you might expect under similar conditions. One thing is for sure about these shades... you barely see any shift under direct sunlight or daylight balanced lighting conditions. These shadows don't react to the more blue wavelengths of light (what this means is that if you view them or photograph your swatches in daylight or a cool light source, you typically won't see the beautiful shifts or glowing effects).

EXAMPLE: This is Canthidium under mixed low light conditions versus under direct sunlight:

I also show each color with it's warm/cool counterpart, swatched next to one another so that you can see the difference, under various lighting conditions. Here's an example of the warm based shade Canthidium next to it's cooler silver sister color, Sphenoptera:

With all that said, here's the colors! This makes a total of 20 eyeshadow shades and 5 contour shades in the Insectarium collection. I will be adding 5 more contour powders, some highlighters, rouges, and tinted glossy lip tints as well. I love this theme, exploring the beauty of the natural world on a small scale, through creepy crawly creatures that many of us don't give a second glance! Entomology is fascinating. :)


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