You may have noticed that 12 Ignis Antiquita eyeshadow shades were added back to the site over the weekend! And that all 30 Ignis shades are now available in the $1.25 sample baggie size.
It's true! I'll be redoing the swatch grids for these shades this Fall, as these grids are now 8 years old and I feel that these colors are much more beautiful than the grids depict.
The only remaining collections that need the sample baggie size added are the Mythos collections. All new collections will include the affordable and fun way to sample eyeshadows-- from their inception.
The first photo includes the 12 shades I added back in. Second photo shows all 30 shades in the collection. This collection was released in 2013 and originally contained 40 shades. Ten won't return due to ingredient discontinuation.


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