In light of the happiness over the return of ten of the top-selling Fatalis shades as part of the Vintage Aromaleigh program, I've decided to return five of those shades to permanent stock status:

  1. Hapalochlaena
  2. Atropa
  3. Chironex
  4. Leiurus
  5. Amanita

This change will take place over the coming weeks, so at that point they'll be removed from the CLEARANCE section and new sizing will be added as they become a part of the regular catalog again. If you'd like to enjoy the discounted price, purchase now.

Two lip glosses will also be brought back and made permanent in the Fatalis collection, with new names. Those cult favorite shades are "Dragon's Kiss" and "De Profundis". Stay tuned for updates on their new names and availability!

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