I recently received a query asking for some size comparisons on the blush and cheek products.

I offer the blush, rouge, highlighter and multipurpose contours & bronzers in three sizes: 1/4 tsp sample baggie for $2.25, 4 gram net wt mini jar for $7 and the full size 7 gm net wt jar for $14.

These are loose mineral and hybrid/mineral formulations that only require a small amount with each use- I love to apply with a fiber optic brush. A single sample bag can provide numerous uses, so that you can see if a color/formula is right for you, prior to investing in a larger size.

Another big benefit of loose powder is shelf life- when you're not dipping your brush directly into a pan of product, your product lasts a long time. I still regularly use a Bare Minerals eyeshadow that I purchased over 20 years ago! Loose products have always been advantageous in this way. It's one of the reasons I love them so much, and prefer loose over pressed.

The sample bag program allows you to try a wide range of shades for the same amount in which you might normally purchase just a single full size. The second photo shows just how much product you actually get in a 1/4 tsp (more than most think!).

In terms of price comparisons with mainstream loose powder mineral makeup brands- Bare Minerals blush is $23 for .85 grams, and Youngblood Minerals is $24 for 3 grams.


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