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This shade is part of the X-Files expansion pack eyeshadows. It is limited edition.

HYBRID (eyeshadow)- a lush green with metallic gold shift. The quintessential "X-Files green"

Available in the following sizes:

A) A sample baggie set of all 8 shades, HERE.

B) Deluxe sample jars with no sifter, and full top and bottom labeling. These contain 1/4 tsp of product and due to the additional labeling, and are $3.75 each. Option B will also be available in sets, so you can order all with a single click.

Contains: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, kaolin, ferric oxide, magnesium stearate May contain: manganese violet, ultramarines, chromium oxide, ferric ferrocyanide, tin oxide, bronze/copper/ aluminum powder, calcium aluminum borosilicate, synthetic fluorphlogopite

NOTE: While we have made all attempts for photographs to accurately depict colors, photography unfortunately does not accurately reveal the depth and interplay of color and effect of these shadows. Also, please note that variations do exist between different computer monitors.

This shade is part of an expansion offering, based on the X-Files mythology concepts of the exclusive box shades.

From the Box Insert:

"Before the exploration of space, of the moon and planets, men held that the heavens were the home and province of powerful gods who controlled not just the vast firmament but the earthly fate of man himself. And that the pantheon of powerful, warring deities were the cause and reason for the human condition, for the past and the future, and for which great monuments would be erected, on earth as in heaven. But in time man replaced these gods with new gods and new religions that provided no more certain or greater answers than those worshipped by his Greek, or Roman, or Egyptian ancestors. And we've chosen now our monolithic and benevolent gods and found our certainties in science. Believers all, we wait for a sign, a revelation, our eyes turned skyward ready to accept the truly incredible, to find out destiny written in the stars. But how do we best look to see? With new eyes or old?" - Mulder

This collection has been a collaborative effort between Aromaleigh and Cleolinda Jones (@cleolinda) Further exploration of the colors and concepts will be found at

The mythology of the X-Files, rather than indvidual case file episodes, was the inspiration for this exclusive box. From Wikia, “The mythology, or mytharc, is the overarching story developed in a series of episodes of The X-Files where Mulder and Scully investigate and expose an International conspiracy by an organization known as the Syndicate to develop a human/alien hybrid and suppress knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials who plan to colonize Earth.” More, here.

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