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Full size jar with sifter
Reformulated: All sizes of this shade as of the July restocking are a new and improved formula. This formula features added ingredients for adhesion and wear, which also intensify the color shifts and make it easier to wear and blend over both bare skin and a variety of primers. As always, I recommend a regular cream base such as NYX eyeshadow base. Your mileage may vary with sticky glue type primers.

Coatlicue is the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Quetzalcoatl, the feathered dragon God. She is represented as a woman wearing a skirt of writhing snakes and a necklance made of human hearts, hands, and skulls. Her name means "serpent skirt".

Color Description: This color is a rich satin finish rose with a strong gold metallic highlight, and brilliant violet sparks. Due to the strong gold highlight, this color appears much different in photographs than in person. It didn't want to be photographed, so please try a sample- it's gorgeous!

Contains: mica, titanium dioxide, nylon-12, ferric oxide, manganese violet, ultramarines, bronze/copper powder, calcium aluminum borosilicate, red 40, carmine, magnesium stearate, magnesium myristate, isododecane, capric/caprylic triglyceride, dimethicone, hydrogenated polyisobutene

Available in the following sizes:

  1. Sample baggie: eighth (1/8) teaspoon in a zip baggie (available in sets only)
  2. Deluxe Sample: quarter (1/4) teaspoon in 3 gram jar. No sifter. Bottom label only.
  3. Full Size Jar: 5 gram jar with sifter and top/bottom labels. This fully packed jar contains 3/4 teaspoon and weighs approximately 1.6 gm net wt.

NOTE: While we have made all attempts for photographs to accurately depict colors, photography unfortunately does not accurately reveal the depth and interplay of color and effect of these shadows. Also, please note that variations do exist between different computer monitors.


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