Chubby Blender Brush - Vegan Brown Faux

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The chubby blender has a dense, tapered, oval-shaped short brush head. Ideal for application of contour, highlighter, large areas of powder concealer, or can also be used to apply mineral foundation for those who mix their foundation with serum or lotion prior to application.

Brush Length: 145mm

Brush head: 35mm x 22mm tapered

Check out the entire line of vegan brown faux brushes! These are the same popular brushes that were carried in the last several years of Aromaleigh v.1 from 2007-2010.

Not all synthetic brushes are created equal! Each one of these very special Brown Faux brushes is designed to work with both creams and powders. They pick up color well and deliver a smooth application. They are the softest brushes ever to touch your face. With matte black handles and black ferrules, these brushes not only feel fantastic and work well but they look amazing! Synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Odor and dye-free when washed, they have minimal shedding (if any). They clean & dry quickly making them ideal and safe for sensitive skin.