This fine art color story takes it inspiration from William Bouguereau's painting, "Innocence". 

This is one of my favorite paintings and in the past I've even fabricated a Rosary inspired by it's color palette. (I offer custom crafted Rosaries in my sister site, Swan Song Provisions, and am always happy to do custom work!). Fine art color stories feature some of my favorite paintings. As an MFA, I'm continually influenced and inspired by art in my color formulations. These color stories feature shades from Aromaleigh's vast formulary.

It contains the following products, click through to each product to view more information about each color, and ingredients:

Size options available:

1. Sample baggies

2. Mini rouge jar, deluxe/demi sample jars of eyeshadows (*premium eyeshadows come as a demi sample (1/8 tsp), all others are deluxe (1/4 tsp)

2. Full size rouge jar, full/mini size eyeshadows (* premium eyeshadows come as a mini jar (1 gm net wt), all others are full size (1.6 gm net wt).