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Promoting neurodiversity and Autism Acceptance are two things I feel very passionately about. I might even go so far as to say that Neurodiversity is at the very heart of Aromaleigh, as I received a late life Autism spectrum diagnosis in 2011 and Autism affects every aspect of my life and work. Through the shades I create for this section, I hope to raise both awareness AND acceptance about Autism spectrum "disorders" in adults and especially women, as well as be able to donate a portion of the sales to Autism organizations that advocate, involve and support neurodiversity and Autistic individuals. Thank you for your support of the causes these shades represent, and I hope that through them, your perspective about Autism and neurodiversity is shifted and enhanced. Autism is not a mental illness. Autistic people aren't flawed in character, or broken. here's one of the best definitions of Autism I've ever read, thanks to Nick Walker.

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