2021 is a year of many changes for me. While we're not yet in the "post-pandemic" world, no doubt small business owners of all shapes and sizes are looking inward to position the fruits of their labor for future success and most importantly, longevity. 

I've been operating Aromaleigh for well over 20 years, and my company has undergone so much change over that time. Here's some changes happening right now. Change is good!

From Deluxe Sample Jar gift with purchase back to Sample Baggies:
 Several years ago I made some changes, such as removing free baggie samples with orders and moving to a free deluxe sample jar with order instead. This change will be fully implemented by June, so remaining May orders may have either baggies or deluxe sample.

I've reversing that change and moving back to the free sample baggies for two major reasons:
1) free sample baggies provide more variety for customers. Simply put, you can try more colors you might never have considered.
2) sample baggies have far less environmental impact than the hard plastic jars. From raw materials to production to shipment to me, to my shipment to you- they use far fewer resources. And in our current climate, that's important to me. 

Free Shipping on domestic orders of $75+ is back.
For a few years, this has been gone, as I'd gotten to the point that I felt the out of pocket expense to do it was simply too great for my small business to cover.

In reality, I feel that my decision was short-sighted, so I'm admitting my error and returning to my original business model. Orders of $75+ will be shipped for free, typically via First Class mail if they fall under 15.9 ounces. if they go over that amount, they'll go Priority Flat rate. 

Please choose the shipping option for this method- it's pre-programmed to work for orders with a subtotal (after coupons are applied) of $75+. If you choose the Priority Mail option, you'll be charged shipping. I'm unable to edit things like ship method or coupons on orders after they're placed, so please proofread your order prior to placing it, thanks!

New Customer welcome coupon is back!
I consider you a "new customer" if you've not placed an order in the last four years, or never placed an order at all.

This coupon code, WELCOME10 is good for $10 off of an order of $35 or more. It's a single use coupon which is welcome to you if you're again- a brand new customer, or if you haven't ordered from Aromaleigh in over four years.

Only one coupon code can be used per order, so this code can't be used with other coupon offers. The code must be applied when you check out- I can't apply codes after an order is placed, so please make sure you use it if it applies to you. If you want to use this code and are unsure of when your last order was, I'd be happy to check that for you via the CONTACT form. 

Eyeshadow sample baggies will be returning!
These went away around 4-5 years ago, after having been an Aromaleigh mainstay for about 18 years. Customers will again be able to revel in the joy of getting $1.25 sample baggies of all eyeshadow shades.

This will happen GRADUALLY, as it will take considerable time for me to program the sample baggie size on to every site listing, print the labels and fill a small inventory for each color. The reason for this change includes some of the same reasons for why I'm opting to do free sample baggies as opposed to one free deluxe sample far. It's environmental issues, but also returning back to an aspect of Aromaleigh that was known and loved.

When I stopped doing the sample baggies, I saw many indies succeeding doing just the deluxe sample jars. Many of these indies are no longer with us. I think that offering customers the greatest variety possible- is simply a wise move! Increased orders for me, and happy customers with lots of choices. 

As always, I'll continue to be "vegan friendly" and point out in transparent ingredient listings on each product, if a product contains carmine.

Vintage Aromaleigh monthly offerings will continue, as this program has not only become popular with customers

Thank you, as always for your support over all of these years!

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  • Marsha Webb: July 12, 2021
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    Changing your packaging from hard plastic to baggies is probable the best decision you ever made. The baggies don’t take up as much space therefore more can be bought. And the environment can be saved “Little Bits at a Time”.

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