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Two beautiful new charity colors, to help defray surgery costs for an amazing pig and a very loyal dog

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It's been a tough week for us and some of our dear friends. Both of us have had beloved animals injured and requiring surgeries costing thousands of dollars! I've created a charity eyeshadow for our friend Sweet Melvin, the Kunekune pig, and also our Warm & Fuzzy Karakachan livestock guardian, Vlad.

Melvin just came out of surgery to repair his broken jaw and teeth, and is in stable condition. Vlad is awaiting surgery in about two weeks to repair a complete tear of his cranial cruciate ligament (equivalent of the ACL in humans), and will require TPLO surgery totaling close to $3000.

Click through to each color to learn more about Melvin and Vlad, and to purchase these beautiful colors! 100% of the sale cost will be donated towards Melvin's surgery, and applied to Vlad's Go Fund Me.

Every little bit helps, and by helping out these two majestic animals, you'll receive some lovely new shimmering and sparkling pretties <3  Please feel free to share this fundraiser, we need all the help we can get.


Melvin is my friend Marylee's sweet Kunekune pig, who was severely injured on March 16th, while challenging another boar along a hog panel fence. He smashed into the fence, breaking his jaw and his teeth and his tusks. His owners had him seen by a local vet, and then drove him several hours to the state vet, where he received a CAT scan of his head and today is undergoing surgery to try to repair his jaw by wiring it back into place. I hope all the best for Melvin, who is the cousin of one of our own pigs. His owners have been stricken with vet bills into the thousands, so I decided to create this color to try to help them out!

100% of sales of SWEET MELVIN will be donated to help pay towards his vet costs. Jars of this eyeshadow will feature Melvin's adorable smiling face on the jar label.

Color Description: A warm cocoa brown with red/copper/gold shimmer. VEGAN.


WARM & FUZZY (CLICK TO PURCHASE)  is a multipurpose highlighter I created to raise money for our dog Vlad's TPLO surgery to repair his torn cranial cruciate ligament, thus giving him back his mobility and quality of life. I set up a go fund me for Vlad's surgery, and I will be applying proceeds from the sale of this color to his go fund me tally. Jars of this highlighter will feature Vlad's adorable fluffy puppy face on the jar label.

Color Description: A very pale taupe with a glowing pink iridescence. Multipurpose and vegan, can be worn as eyeshadow, highlighter, strobing powder, lip color, etc!

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