EPONA is October's Goddess of the Month

EPONA is October's Goddess of the Month

October's Goddess is EPONA, the Celtic horse Goddess!  (SHOP)

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From Goddess Guide:

Epona was the Celtic Horse Goddess whose worship spread to Britain and Rome from Western Europe.

Her name means "Divine mare" in Gaulish. Despite being a Gaulish word most of the surviving inscriptions and texts that mention this Goddess are in Latin.

The Roman cavalry had shrines dedicated to her she became almost like a patron emblem of certain factions of the Roman army.

Her popularity did not end there it was common to find small shrines in stables eventually she was so popular that a temple dedicated to her in Rome.

There was also a Roman Festival to honour her which was celebrated on 18th December. 

The mare was an ancient symbol of fertility, this has lead to suggestions that she was an early Mother Goddess figure, whose role was later reduced to protector of horses.


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