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Charity colors update: Over $1000 raised for Melvin the Kunekune pig and Vlad the Livestock Guardian Dog!

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Last week I announced fundraisers for Melvin the Kunekune pig and Vlad the Livestock Guardian Dog.

As of today we've raised over $1000 ($1060 to be exact) for surgical costs for these two wonderful animals! Thank you!

Melvin is recovering from his surgery, with special love and care from his humans. He has his broken jaw wired, and eats pureed food. He'll have another surgery in several weeks to remove the wire, but a full recovery is hopeful! You can follow updates on Melvin at his Go Fund Me page. He is the most beautiful and sweet Kunekune boar!

Vlad awaits his surgery. I received bad news about Vlad earlier this week, after the veterinary surgeon reviewed his x-rays. Vlad has completely torn one CCL (equivalent of the ACL in a human knee), and partially torn the other. He'll require not one, but two- tibial plateau leveling osteotomy surgeries. I'm awaiting final estimates from the surgeon. I make regular updates about Vlad's situation and progress at his Go Fund Me page.

Here's a first peek at these beautiful colors in their jars!


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